Hotel Policies
  1. Customer is to show ID before Check-In.
  2. You are expected to paid entire reservation at check-in. For payment made on Credit Card or Debit Cards. 10% additional fee will be apply to room payment and 25% to restaurant and drinks.
  3. The room door must stay close when air conditioning is working.  A chair should not be use to keep the room door open.
  4. Your guests must present and leave valid proof of identity when entering the hotel. The hotel reserve the right to deny entry of some guests. Customer is responsible for guests expense and damage in the Hotel.
  5. Smoking is not allowed inside the room and a 100$ cleaning fee will be charged.
  6. Music and noise (talking) are not allowed after 21h30 on the premises and a 100$ disturbance fee may be charge as well as other consequences. The restaurant is the ONLY allow place to gather afther 21:30.
  7. The hotel is not responsible for money or jewels left out of the safety box.
  8. Check-Out time is 12 :00PM, all late check-out have to be authorized by duty manager the day of the late check-out. 25 US$ and 1 extra night may be charge to all unauthorized late check-out after 13H00.